Oil Field Drilling Monitoring System

An oil field is a region with an abundance of oil wells extracting petroleum from below ground. Because the oil reservoirs typically extend over a large area, possibly several hundred kilometers across, full exploitation entails multiple wells scattered across the area. In addition, there may be exploratory wells probing the edges, pipelines to transport the oil elsewhere, and support facilities. Because an oil field may be remote from civilization, establishing a field is often an extremely complicated exercise in logistics.


Pump Station Monitoring System

The oil & gas industry includes the global processes of exploration, extraction,
refining, transporting, and marketing petroleum products, such as oil, which is
transported through large pipes that can stretch across continents. The oil is
kept in motion by pump stations along the pipeline, and usually flows at speed of
about 1 to 6 meters per second .

Tank Storage Monitoring

This application was setup to help monitor a fueling operation. The
information & machine diagnostic data will be collected and sent back to
the office and corporate headquarters. An accurate monitoring system not
only measures fuel levels, but also temperatures and estimated volume

Green Technology.

Teknologi Yang baik adalah teknologi yang memiliki sifat mendekati ramah lingkungan, dan untuk mendukung program go green dunia, device yang kita gunakan memiliki ROHS.

Total Solution.

Dengan dukungan device berkwalitas tinggi serta team yang memahami teknologi dari level yang paling dasar, menciptakan sebuah TOTAL SOLUSI di setiap project.

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